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Johnny Lightning Chevrolet Cheetah SCCA Race Car


Johnny Lightning Chevrolet Cheetah SCCA Race Car

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This is car is from one of the most interesting series of Diecast cars made, Johnny Lightning's Rebel Rods. Here's why: if you enjoy collecting variations, this series will send you on one of the most fun hunts you've attempted since you began diecast collecting. Why? Because the Rebel Rod series came with 8 different engines, either Plastic or Rubber tires, AND several different rims. Oh yes, they came in different colors too. So depending on the car, there are as many as 68 different variations of each car that can be collected. Our description details the engine/rim/Tire so you know exactly which variation is being delivered. These cars are all 1:64 Scale.

This is the Cheetah, a classic Chevy Based SCCA Race car. This one has Cragar Rims, and Rubber tires. It should be noted that the Cheetah is one of a couple of Rebel Rod castings that has the same engine on every model. So the variations for the Cheetah are limited to Color/Tire/Rim. This one is Black, with SST Wheels and Hard Tires

If you collect Chevrolet, Cheetahs', SCCA, or Johnny Lightning this is a great find for your collection! (1:64 Scale)

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