Buddy L - Police SWAT Motorcycle Expand

Buddy L - Police SWAT Motorcycle


Buddy L - Police SWAT Motorcycle

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Released 15 + years ago in 2004, this Police SWAT Motorcycle is in MINT condition! This was released as part of a set, and not sold as a single release. In the early 2000's the Buddy L brand was now owned by Imperial Toys, and it tried to get into the 1:64 scale market. There are only about 5 castings, and they have different themes. They didn't last but one year, making them scarce and highly collectible! 

If you have to get to the crime scene fast, this SWAT Motorcycle is the way to go!

If you collect Buddy L, Motorcycles or Police/SWAT vehicles this is a very unique piece for your collection that most other collectors will never own! (Approx 1:64 Scale)

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Buddy L - Police SWAT Motorcycle

Buddy L - Police SWAT Motorcycle