Corgi Lotus Elan S2 Convertible (Very Rare) Expand

Corgi Lotus Elan S2 Convertible (Very Rare)


Corgi Lotus Elan S2 Convertible (Very Rare)

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This is the beautiful Lotus Elan S2 Convertible from Corgi. Released over 40 years ago; this is a very rare version of this car!  This came only as part of Gift Set 40-A. The Avengers set. It has minimal edgewear and retains 99+% of its original paint/finish!  It should also be noted that there is not a crack down the center of the windshield; it is part of the casting. The real Lotus Elans had two piece windshields, and Corgi recreated that by adding it their windshield. If you are a collector of Corgi, you know the Mint/Boxed price for this car is $350+, if you could find one. We have decided to price this car to move, so we are placing it well below the Mint price to reflect the edgewear! If you collect Lotus or Corgi this is an opportunity to add this beautiful piece to your collection. You simply will not find a nicer example for this price!

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